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Don Bemis

Don Bemis set out to be a city planner but has worked in engineering (now at a nuclear power plant) nearly all of his adult life. He was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico, and graduated with a BS in geography from New Mexico State University. He loves to portray history with a fresh perspective for all those who, like him, came to love history later in life. After reading Mary in Transit, you'll never view the Christmas story the same way. His Count Otto’s Dragon originated as an opening sentence for submittal to the Bulwer-Lytton competition for wretched literature. “It was never submitted,” Don says, “but my wife, Lois, told me, ‘Now you have to turn it into a book.’” So Don decided to see just how flowery he could paint a dismal scene, and the sentence grew by several paragraphs. The rest is history. Not true history, though. Don and Lois live in Michigan. They have five adult children and a growing supply of grandchildren.


Count Otto's Dragon
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Mary in Transit
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