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Jay Blevins

Former Deputy Sheriff & SWAT Officer

Featured on National Geographic Channel’s Hit Series, Doomsday Preppers

 ay Blevins, the author of Survival & Emergency Preparedness Skills (SEPS): Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Readiness for Uncertain Times (OakTara, 2012), is prepping for social unrest brought on by economic collapse and/or financial crisis. He is a former Deputy Sheriff in the Washington, DC metro area, where he served as a patrol and SWAT officer. Jay has built up extensive preps in his house, including food storage, water, survival gear, and weapons for self-defense to include homemade pepper spray to fight off intruders. Additionally, he has formed a prepper network made up of family, friends, and other like-minded individuals who have specific practical skills. At a moment’s notice, Jay can turn his suburban home into a prepping fortress and will be able to defend his family and home from any outside threat. Currently, Jay is an analyst at a consulting firm and, in his spare time, loves to speak and teach people about emergency preparedness. He is also the author of the poignant novel (OakTara 2010), The Last Fall (, which encourages readers to focus on, and prioritize, what’s really important to them in life. Jay was a contributing writer for Holy Bible: Mosaic (Tyndale, 2009), and has been published in Celebrate Life Magazine (May-June 2007), Calvary Chapel Magazine (Fall 2008), and Reader’s Digest (Short Humor, March 2007). In 2011, Jay came in second place for New Author of the Year for the Family Fiction Reader’s Choice awards. Jay has a degree in Christian Ministries and spent over five years working in youth and young adult ministries. Jay is a husband and father of three kids who are growing up way too fast. He is passionate about his family, prepping, and educating people about important life issues through his writing.



The Last Fall
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