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L. R. Fite

“The first time I saw a demon, I was terrified,” Linda Fite says. “I looked around to see if others could see what I was seeing…but no one else was looking.” Growing up in a cultish religion, Linda didn’t recognize the danger of the occult. Eventually the devil drew her in. She frequented Psychic Fairs and had mediums channel spirits in her home. Discussing crystal energy, astrology, and other areas of the paranormal were a regular part of her everyday life. When Linda became a Christian, she was set free from the demonic oppression that had turned her life into a nightmare. Her passion is now to expose the enemy through the vehicle of stories. “The spiritual battle is raging all around us,” Linda says. “The world is being shaken, and young people can sense what the older generation is ignoring. Teen readers are starving for answers and ingesting information on the supernatural and mythology as fast as it can be manufactured. Junk food! They need the Bread of Life—the Word—Jesus Christ.” Angels Among Us is the first book of her Invisible War series. Through her stories Linda intends to equip readers with the weapons the Bible gives us for spiritual warfare and make readers aware how the spiritual realm can influence their free choice to do good or evil. Linda was a Real Estate Broker for 16 years until she and her husband moved to Hawaii, where they ran a successful furniture business for 15 years. Planning on retiring, they moved to Tucson, Arizona. But God had other plans, and Linda is now working with Teen Challenge, overseeing young women in crisis and in her free time hosting teen Bible studies and fellowship gatherings in her home.

Angels Among Us
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