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Rob Buck

The word passion best describes Rob Buck. He’s madly in love with Betsy, his bride and soul mate of 25 years, and their four children can testify to Rob’s “father’s heart.” He has always been an avid journaler, has written for the Columbia Star and the Christian Standard, and received an honorable mention in the 2004 Inspiration-station writing contest. Rob is president of Alpha Training and Services, Inc., a computer programming training company. About his book Beyond Time, Rob says, “The idea of sending a Morse-code message back in time has been rolling around in my head since the mid-eighties. I was particularly thinking of how to tell my ‘kid’ self to handle my baseball cards a lot better! BJ is modeled after my best friend growing up. He did, in fact, live down the street from me and the basketball game I wrote about really did happen. We also used to yodel to each other. Both of us, like the characters, come from divorced families.”


Beyond Time
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