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Stan Sulecki


Stan Sulecki drew on some of his own life experiences in writing Dear Stormy. For example, his wife, Debbie, battled cancer soon after having their second child, Leah. He attempted to tap in on the roller coaster of emotions that loved ones experience and the lingering effects after the cancer has been defeated. Stan’s older daughter, Jenna, painted him a picture of a sunset at Beach 6 when she was just six years old. That, and a time in his life where he longed to know more about how his dad felt about him (his dad had died as a result of lung cancer several years earlier), was the inspiration of the story. Stan believes we all long to know our father’s thoughts and feelings toward us. What a priceless gift it would be to be given letters, such as Dorothy received in the book. Stan lives in Northwestern Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters.


Dear Stormy
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