Discount Information

Discounts Are Automatically Applied at Checkout at the OakTara Store

The following discounts will automatically apply at checkout for ALL customers (whether individual, group, store, or library). Qty may be a single OakTara title or mix of OakTara titles. Shipping is additional. “Original price” is the original price before the discounted-price-slash.

*1-9 paperbacks: 15% off original price (as already marked with price slash)

*10-49 paperbacks45% off original price

*50-249 paperbacks50% off original price

*250 or more paperbacks55% off original price

The following products/deals, when available, are NOT included in the qty purchased or the qty discount: Bibles: 15% off.  Specials are sold at the price listed.

Paperbacks purchased through the OakTara store are non-returnable due to discounts offered. However, if damaged: Contact Us

For large qty buys of paperbacks (over 1,000): Contact Us