A Season of Honor

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Baron Shawn du Locke must choose

between honor and desire…

with the fragile peace

of the Human Galactic Empire

hanging in the balance.


Shorn of his lands, regency, title, father, lady, and name, the only thing left to the Baron Shawn du Locke is his honor. Nothing in the past has shaken it and nothing would cause him to compromise it—until he meets the Lady Elina Acier.

Elina Acier is the last hope of the Noble Houses of the Human Galactic Empire. To protect the planet Acier from the Emperor, she must marry a Duke’s son.

Before Shawn meets Elina, he vows to convey her to the Imperial Capital to marry Duke Nior’s son. But Elina is a startling lookalike for her cousin, Shawn’s long-dead love, the Lady Lyral Neuterra. Shawn once loved Lyral enough to grant her his House and fight a war in her name. Now he is honor-bound to deliver Elina, Lyral’s “twin,” to marry another man.

Shawn must safely deliver Elina to the Imperial capital before the Emperor discovers and kills Elina, and before her presence drives him insane…or he falls in love. 

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