A tragic death.

A tangled web of deceit.

Stephen and Catherine flee France for the safety of Quebec.

But can they escape the danger…and the memories?


If Stephen Marot could have predicted what lay ahead on the road to Elbeuf, he would have taken a different way home—not the leisurely road along the Seine. Then he never would have heard the angry voices or seen the huddle of men…and his mind wouldn’t be in continual torment with the weight of his secret.

Catherine Compeaux’s life crumbled the night her father forced her to marry Stephen Marot against her wishes…the same night she found out her beloved brother was killed. Now she is on a ship heading for new France with a man she hates, while her love, Gaston, remains behind in France. What can she do to escape? To return to the life she had? The life she expected?

Father Jacques, a Jesuit priest, also onboard ship, watches the young couple. Something is terribly wrong, he knows, but what? And what can he do to help?



A riveting novel of betrayal, torment, and selfless love set in the burgeoning city of Quebec in 1641.