Beyond Time

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Peter Anderson never thought life would turn out like this.


How could his childhood friend, BJ, be dead? God has really messed up this time, Peter thinks angrily. If he even exists at all.

Then Peter has an idea. As a physics professor at the USC, he’s been working with the EMSM, the Electro Magnetic Spectrometer, to harness the weightless qualities of a newly discovered particle. What if he could ricochet an intense beam of light through a black hole—back in time? Could he send a message to avert the tragedy that altered the trajectory of their lives?

With the help of colleague Jimmy Bouillon, Peter launches his scheme to create a ripple in time. But could it affect more than he thinks? Especially since a terrorist ring watches from the sidelines, determined to heist his invention for their own dastardly purposes?


This fast-paced scientific thriller will keep you guessing!