You can live like the eagle God intended you to be!


Do you ever feel like a chicken, trapped in a pen with no way out? Would you like to feel more like an eagle soaring high in the sky? You can escape the chicken existence and discover the eagle in you. You weren’t born to hop around with the chickens. You were born to fly!


Using real-life stories and twists of humor in an easy-to-read, friendly style, Born to Fly reveals what may be keeping you in the chicken pen and provides solid answers for how you can not only leave your pen but learn to soar. So why not plunge in? Discover the life of freedom that awaits you!


Inspiration to get from where life has taken you

to where you want to be


Takes one down the courageous path of trusting God and allows one to soar toward the life that God intends.

Dr. Rye Bell, author of Dance with the Trinity


A must-read for anyone who feels like they have lost all hope and needs a little help getting off the ground.

Cindy, Kentucky


After growing up on a chicken farm, David Bullock has been passionate about helping people learn to live like eagles for the past 33 years. The founding pastor of Eagle Heights Church in Somerset, Kentucky, in 2009 he led the church to begin The Oasis Care Center, a recovery center for those who battle addiction or other life-controlling issues.