Carnival of Lies

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The Gestapo arrested my father in Berlin in the summer of 1933.

When he asked why, he was told, “We do not give reasons.”


By 1937 most Germans had learned what dictatorship meant but had no real comprehension of Hitler’s intentions. While staying with the Nagels on their estate near Munich that summer, I walked to the nearby town of Dachau, without giving much thought to the militarism I saw around me. 

That summer I also fell in love with Herr Nagel’s niece, Marian Adel, a Jewish girl, who had been living with the Nagels since her father’s arrest. Little could I have guessed that, several years later, I too would be arrested, sent to the concentration camp in Dachau, or that I would not see Marian again until we were transported to Auschwitz.


A powerful story of human survival against all odds—and a triumph of hope over despair