He’s survived a year of the deadliest war.

But can he live with his own failure?


Confederate Army chaplain Nathaniel Graham must face his greatest battle yet—his failure as a soldier, a minister, a brother, a friend, and, worst of all, as a man. Wounded, captured by the North, and broken, he’s becoming convinced he’s on the wrong side of God’s opinion regarding the War Between the States. Despair overwhelms him when he loses everything and everyone dear to him.

As a nurse with the Christian Commission, Miss Eleanor Ellis of Rockford, Illinois, leaves the security of her home for war-torn Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She hopes to aid the wounded…and also find her brothers alive.

President Lincoln’s address proclaims that unity will only be accomplished by national reconciliation. But will an angry nation be able to learn compassion for their enemies, after so much bloodshed?

Book Three in Destination Hope series. Don't miss Book One, Separation, or Book Two, Emancipation.


Destination Hope

Sweeping historical fiction epics set before, during,

and after the American Civil War