Deception Pass

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A secret love.

A tragic accident…or was it murder?


An intriguing portrayal of life, prejudice, betrayal, and forgiveness in the 1920s.

Calla Livingston is caught between two worlds….Calla is too dark to be white, and too light to be accepted by her mother’s Cherokee kin. Dreaming of finding a place where people won’t see the color of her skin first, she travels from the East Coast, where she has grown up, to Whidbey Island to become a nanny for a wealthy family. But when she arrives, things are not as they should be. She finds settlers steeped in hate, bitterness, and prejudice.

            Mystery swirls around Aaron Dutch, a striking, six-foot-three Native American. When the townspeople are still reliving the past, why do they accept Aaron’s presence in their community—and seem to respect him? With the tolerance shown to him, why does it seem he won’t give Calla a chance?

Calla senses sadness and tragedy in the story behind the scenes…something she understands all too well. Will she find the love and acceptance she’s always hoped for or be forced to leave the island?

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