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A legend is told of a pale white ant,

who will end the curse

and bring a new order to Entgora…


Gazer is an ordinary worker ant living in the ancient ant colony of Entgora. It’s a world of strict hierarchy and order…and of harsh punishment. Yet Gazer is also a dreamer…and always has been. After a mishap during a routine work expedition sends her plummeting to the ground—snapping off one of her antennae—Gazer stumbles across the sacred but secret mating ritual of a future Queen ant. The night before her trial for this blasphemy and crime, she has a dream that changes the course of her life and the lives of all antkind from that day on.

Along with her friends Tenspeed and Digdirt, Gazer finds herself locked in a whirlwind of political and mystical intrigues, epic wars and civil revolts, gender and class struggles, and dreams and secret societies….


An adventurous and multi-layered tale that’s fun and meaningful for all ages