It is a day like all the others—

except tomorrow Peter will die.

But first, he has a riveting story to tell….


First-century, A.D.

From the instant the cell door clanged shut behind him, Peter, a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, knew his life would end. When was the only question remaining. There would be no mercy from the brutal Roman guard Canisius—only insult and pain. Now, on the eve of his crucifixion, Peter sits in the dark, remembering…searching longingly through the mists of time for fresh glimpses of the One he had first met by the Jordan River so many years ago.


Meanwhile, young John Mark shivers in fear as he approaches the dread Tullianum, the dungeon where his friend and teacher has been imprisoned for long nine months. But once inside, Mark’s fears slowly retreat as Peter speaks with hope and peace of the nights and days on the shores of Lake Galilee…spent with the other disciples in the company of the One who changed him—and can change us too—for all eternity.



Walk in the shoes of Peter, the fisherman turned disciple, the one Jesus of Nazareth named “the Rock,” and experience the inspiration and joy of a life well-lived, even in the midst of hardship.