God Still Dreams of Eden

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One dream. One secret. One last chance.


The Caribbean


For 20 years Minerva Morgan has let her long-held secret come between her and Tito, the only man she’s ever loved. But the sudden appearance of a runaway bride adds a dangerous complication for Minerva, the handsome resort owner, and the rest of her “family” of locals. Now that her island home is threatened, will Minerva find the courage to step beyond her past and into paradise?


Genuine, humorous, and natural. A jewel.
Laurie Barker Copeland, Co-author, The Groovy Chicks series


A startlingly original, intelligent, and beautiful first novel.
Ken Eulo, Author, The NY Times’  best-selling Brownstone Trilogy


A heartwarming love story that inspires us not only to act on our passions but to never be afraid to challenge ourselves to change for the better
Sarah Reece, President, Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center


A virtual vacation.
Kris Bauske, Author, A Good Old Fashioned Redneck Country Christmas


Confronts the thought many Christians face—how to experience God’s grace in the midst of heartache, sin, and loss—how to trust both God and oneself.
Carol Shepherd, Certified Life Coach, American Florida Counseling Foundation


I couldn’t put it down!
Nina Snyder, Melbourne Beach, Florida


A warm, heartfelt story about God’s grace and how even the smallest moments in our lives can change us forever.
Beatriz Andrekovich, Lake Mary, Florida