Gray Rainbow Journey (Special Edition)

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Torn between two worlds, Dina Youngblood must make a choice…if it doesn’t kill her first.

Cheha Youngblood disappeared without a trace from the Bitterroot Confederacy three months ago, and her older daughter, Dina, is determined to find out why. What do the clues in her mother’s journal mean? Who is the giant-winged creature that so terrified her mother, a Native Christian convert? Could any of the tales that are as old as the Indian nations and told in the blackness of deep nights in the South Florida Everglades be true? And why are owls beginning to perch outside of Dina’s home?

Then handsome Marty Osceola, the son of the most powerful witch on the Florida East Coast and the boy Dina had a crush on in grade school, arrives back in town….


“An enlightening peek into contemporary Native America.”—Craig Stephen Smith (Ojibwe) Native American Evangelist, author of White Man’s Gospel

“A heart-thumping face-off between good and evil that will keep you in suspense until the very last page!”—Dana K. Cassell, Writers-Editors Network

“A courageous book that breaks new ground…by a new voice in Indian America.”—Principal Chief William “Rattlesnake” Jackson, American Cherokee Confederacy

Special edition with helps for teachers & leaders.

A unique coming-of-age novel—from a Native viewpoint—about the stunning consequences of choices.

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