Hoofbeats of the Devil

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A shocking secret.

A lurking evil.


Harrison Danforth is just settling into his new job as the executive editor of The Dolphin Breeze in the coastal Florida town of Dolphin Beach, when a young pastor is murdered in his own church. Danforth doesn’t trust the corrupt Seagrove County sheriff to handle traffic tickets, much less a murder. So Danforth, his psychologist girlfriend, Jill Hedley, and ace investigator Sam Waters set out to uncover the truth. Their investigation will lead to a corrupt powerbroker, a minister who may have fallen in love with the world instead of his calling, and a sinister figure with ties to the occult. As the mystery deepens, Danforth and his friends must move quickly, because an evil lurks in the shadows…and is almost ready to strike.


An edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller

with a sci-fi twist


Special Feature

Choose your own ending to the story.