Journey by the Sackcloth Moon

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By the winner of the National Best Books 2009 Award, USA Book News, Multicultural Fiction...


Something is protesting Dina Youngblood’s decisions…

and with a vengeance.


Three years after her tumultuous relationship with the handsome, bewitching Marty Osceola ends, Dina Youngblood strikes out on her first solo trip away from the Rez. A Jesus Way follower, she’s determined to become a missionary to other Native Indians in Broken Bow. Perhaps, while there, she can also find a way to atone for the deep pain she caused Pastor Aaron Burning Rain, whom she rejected for Marty’s love. But as she makes her way toward Broken Bow, with only her cat, Eddie Was, as a companion, the forces of Darkness conspire against her. Is what happens next a dream, a nightmare, or reality? Dina doesn’t know, but she’s about to find out….


A unique coming-of-age novel about the stunning consequences

of choices, presented through Native eyes.