Kathleen Creek

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Fall 1919, Minnesota


Irene Ross rocks her two-year-old, Leonard, to the rhythm of the train wheels as they clack over the joints of the rails. At last, she and her husband, Sam, and their four children are returning to Minnesota after living in North Dakota for three years—the longest, loneliest three years of her life. But how will Sam, a proud man, handle the gossip in her hometown, Kathleen Creek, over Irene’s one-time weakness with her childhood sweetheart and the obvious product of that union? Will his love for Irene win out, or will her worst fears come true—that he will leave her and the children? And, if so, what will she do without Sam? How will she care for her children? 


The poignant tale of a mother’s love in the midst of unfathomable circumstances.

Based on a true-life story.