Dark motives. Deadly secrets. A sensational case.

They all add up to murder.


Everyone hates and fears the arrogant and verbally abusive Judge Samuel Chesterfield. But who hates him enough to murder him in his own chambers? And what—if anything—does the murder have to do with the sensational wrongful-death suit brought against a prominent abortionist? Only the four trial lawyers had access and motive.

Edward Mead, a distinguished law professor, acts as special prosecutor. No one knows the secret pain he hides, because he masks his inner turmoil behind a razor-sharp wit. But sometimes even he wonders: Do I, at seventy-six years old, still have what it takes to solve the case?

Special Agent Sarah Riehl sees the case as her one chance to shatter the suffocating glass ceiling that has defined her ten-year career at the FBI. And she’s not about to let an old man’s weaknesses ruin her chances.     But her impetuous drive to success will propel her on a deadly collision course with the prime suspect…

An Edward Mead Legal Thriller, Book Two
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