Who you become has everything to do with who you think you are. You can be different, act different, and live your life differently.


Are you burdened by life? A slave to what others think you should be and do? Do you feel a nagging sense of discontent? Have you tried to change one area of your life, only to relapse? Do you struggle with past traumas or failures? Do your dreams seem just out of reach, no matter what you try? Letting Go is all about learning how to let go of what you don’t absolutely need so you can live a more satisfying, exciting life than you’ve ever dreamed.


Life coach Steven L. King walks alongside you to get rid of toxic emotions so you can move forward into the present with a smile, and toward the future with redefined goals and dreams. Incorporate its principles into your life, and you’ll be changed for the better (unless, of course, you don’t want that). Just try it and see the amazing results!


“Powerful, practical, and usable.”

Steve Beaman, President, The Steve Beaman Group


“Want your life to transform into the absolute best experience you can imagine? Incorporate the concepts of Steven L. King’s Letting Go.”

Ramona Cramer Tucker, Former Editor, Today’s Christian Woman, Christianity Today, International; Former Senior Editor, Tyndale House Publishers


“Anyone who reads this book, practices the methods, and makes them into a lifestyle will experience Freedom, improve their relationships, and be able to obtain their heart’s desire.”

Bill Black, Senior Account Executive, IT Services


“Critical for every individual who wants to live a life of freedom, peace, and integrity.”

Stephanie Richter, Blogger, My Sentiments Exactly, stephanierichter.blogspot.com


“Provides valuable tools to get to the root of the problem and overcome the hurdles that cause lack of success and ‘relapses’ after periods of success.”

Sue Major, Nurse


Your “Retreat in a Book”

For individual and/or group use