Will liberation bring a new birth of freedom?


Captured and stripped of all support, Confederate Army chaplain Nathaniel Graham faces spending the rest of his life in Federal prison surrounded by enemies: callous Yankee guards, cold-hearted inmate Rebels, and tormenting fears. Shivering, he longs for his home in Franklin, Tennessee. Trapped, he prays to survive. Perhaps God will allow him to see the woman who saved his life—the woman he’s fallen in love with. Should he try to escape or accept perpetual confinement?

Miss Eleanor Ellis of Rockford, Illinois intensifies her efforts to end the bloody conflict. As she works feverously to ensure a favorable outcome for the presidential election of 1864, will she be able to do anything to set Nathaniel free? Or, will her sacrifices cost her everything and everyone she loves?

Book Four, Destination Hope series. Don't miss Book One, Separation, Book Two, Emancipation, and Book Three, Consolation.

Destination Hope

Sweeping historical fiction epics set before, during,

and after the American Civil War