Life Among the Pagans

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He’s doing his duty…but what about his heart?


It’s 329 C.E. Young Roman Tribune Mark, on orders from Emperor Constantine, has been assigned to accompany four Christians—including his newly married sister, Sylvia, and his brother-in-law, Alfred— to their home in Britain and his new post.

     What kind of assignments can he expect in this pagan territory? How can he help his Christian family and the small but growing Christian community? How should he relate to the soldiers under his command who don’t understand his lifestyle? How should he treat the barbarians across the border?

     And what of the beautiful Ethel, whom Mark is growing to love but whose pagan belief is so far from his Christian faith?

     Then Mark and Alfred are given a dangerous mission: to capture the men who are selling army equipment to the enemy….


Walk into the tumultuous territory of fourth-century Britain—the land where both pagan and Christian beliefs reign and clash.

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