Light at Summer's End

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Spending summer at a farm isn’t what she had in mind.


It’s a hot Georgia afternoon, and Melissa has been dumped at a stranger’s house for the entire summer…just because she’s in the way at home. Worse, Miss Vellie, the owner of the farm, lives alone. Melissa is sure she’ll be bored to death. To make matters even worse, Melissa discovers that Miss Vellie didn’t know she was coming!

Melissa cries herself to sleep the first night…and the next….and the next. Is Melissa just homesick, or is there something deeper going on? What on earth can an angry fourteen-year-old and a retired English teacher have in common?

Light at Summer’s End is for all those who have loved…and lost…and still grieve. It will capture your heart. Don't miss Kim Ballard's other novel, Julia's Quest.