Mud Pie Mysteries

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Kids are the Mud Pie’s favorite people. That’s because only children are fast to figure the Mud Pie out…and to believe in him. Grownups? They work too hard not to believe in mysteries, so miss him.
Enter a magical world of dream sharing, dancing in the rain, surprise sunny Saturdays, timeless, interplanetary travels, magical swan rides, horse schooling, and so much more! Twenty adventuresome short stories convey Truth and transforming life lessons about sharing, self-esteem, messy rooms, planning ahead, communication, working and playing together, and even a delightful twist on raking leaves—all through the mysterious and lively wisdom of the Mud Pie who knows all.
Warm, whimsical, and imaginary tales for children of all ages who love secrets, mysteries, and living stories. Features charming illustrations by artist Geraldine Vasta.