Old Sins, Long Shadows

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Long shadows from Grace McFarlane’s past threaten the peace that she and Shepard have established in the five years since their marriage. There never was a good time to reveal the truth to her young daughter, Bonnie, about her birth father, Jake Hudson. But when his mother, Sylvania, pleads with Grace for mercy, she is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life.

Calvin Stewart is a hard-working, devoted father and husband…except for one thing. For many years he’s concealed a secret that will shake not only the foundation of his life, but Nettie’s and their children’s. When a shadow from his past steps in—one full of evil intent and deadly consequence—everything Calvin values will be threatened.

What People Are Saying About Old Sins, Long Shadows

Book Two, The McLeod Family Saga

By Sharon Bernash Smith


“A wonderfully written, gripping story, full of believable characters that had my attention from the very beginning. I LOVED IT!”

Karla Dornacher, author and illustrator for JR Countryman