One Candle's Light

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Your name is William Brewster. You live in “glorious” Elizabethan England during the Reformation. Church doctrine and attendance are strictly mandated by the ruling monarchy. Nonconformists are fined, imprisoned, or executed.

At Cambridge, some insist that “good men must never submit to tyranny.” After your dearest friends are betrayed by the country they serve, you hunger to hear the secret preaching of the newly translated Scriptures. Is it worth the risk?

Decades before the Mayflower voyage and Plimouth Plantation, English “commoners,” emboldened by reading the Scriptures for themselves, gave up everything—for freedom to worship. Brewster and men like William Bradford and
Edward Winslow flee first to Holland, then to New England, suffering endless hardships. They make surprising friends…and enemies, while lighting the candle of a new nation.

Though persecuted and betrayed, the Pilgrims didn't give up on their faith.

"A historically accurate novel brimming with facts yet fleshed out to bring to life the Pilgrims who came to America under great hardships and peril. Would be a great book for homeschoolers."
June Carlson, Writer