Polished Arrows

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It was a time of great tumult…

and even greater evil. But God had a plan.


When the Moavite King Eglon’s reign of terror ends abruptly in the fourteenth century bc, the yoke of bondage is at last broken for the people of Israel. Now is their chance for a new start…but will it be enough to turn their hearts?

Devorah, the oldest child of doting parents, has grown up beloved by her entire community. Everyone senses something different about her—that God has specially placed His Hand on her—but for what purpose?

Yael, a purchased bride, is torn from her home and plunged into a life she never wanted. Can she learn to love this man she must now call husband...or is there too much of a chasm between them? And what of her dreams? Has God forgotten her?

Little could these two women guess that their lives would become polished arrows in God’s quiver, targeting an entire nation.

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