Newlyweds Gavin and Maggie Munsfield return to care for the sick and wounded at The Oasis Compound in Chennai, India, which is still suffering from the recent tsunami.  Gavin's brother, Tim, a successful landscape architect, joins them for the clean-up and rebuilding of the Compound.  But Tim harbors a dark past that threatens to destroy his relationship with his brother... and a promising new love.

Book 2 in the compelling Born for India series.


An engaging story that effectively captures the dilemma of a Christian man coming to grips with the conflict between his sexual attraction struggle and his genuine trust and faith in God.

Dr. Bill Consiglio

Sexual Orientation Resolution Therapist (SORT)

Author, Homosexual No More (Victor Books)


Eileen Rife has taken a look on the dark side of life, and let God shine His Light on the touchy subject of homosexuality. It’s fiction, yes, but it could be anyone’s story, with all the complications it entails when it’s someone close to us. Lovingly and expertly done. Full of hope. I’ll forever see people through different eyes.

Elisabeth Hewitt Bantz

Author, Secrets of the Heart series,