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Nothing could prepare young Confederate Army Chaplain Nathaniel Graham, from a small town near Franklin, Tennessee, for what even one bullet can do to a man—or the regrets and terrors of those whose souls are leaving this Earth. As both North and South fight for their right to hold on to life as they know it, brothers kill brothers, and slaves are caught in the middle. It’s clear that whoever wins the War Between the States will define life and liberty for future American generations.

As Nathaniel writes letters to grieving families on both sides, he’s not sure what he believes anymore. The principles he pieces together—and his correspondence with a Yankee Lt. Colonel’s daughter—will rip apart his soul but bring the dawn of a new light of liberty.

Book 1 in the poignant historical epic series Destination Hope.

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About Charles Patricoff

& the Destination Hope Series


“If you love the history of the Civil War, Charles Patricoff’s first book of a new series, Destination Hope—Separation—gives you insight into both sides of the conflict. No one really wanted war, but the North and the South could not agree on the issue of slavery. The story weaves its way through the war, giving us glimpses into the daily lives of the soldiers, their battlefield experiences, and the difficult decisions and feelings they had to face. Separation was a great book that I greatly enjoyed reading. I can’t wait to read the next books in the series.”

Norma, Washington


“I appreciate the way Charles Patricoff handles the young Confederate chaplain—his confrontation with the slavery question and the gradual process of seeing the issue in a different light. This series is the first one I have come across about the Civil War that I am pleased to make available to our younger readers. Adults will enjoy it also! The Destination Hope series develops the characters in a realistic way and in historical context, and deals with sensitive issues.”

—Carol DeMar, Director of Curriculum & Research at American Vision, Georgia


“I am a military history buff, and historical fiction is certainly an interesting venue if it is accurate and well researched. I most certainly find this to be the case with Separation, and I look forward to the next books in the series. Civil War history is not one of historical venues I am very familiar with, which made reading Separation a highly positive readers’ experience.”

Michael Marsh, aviation writer, chairman, Rocky Mountain Chapter, 82nd Airborne Division Association



“A painless way to learn more about the Civil War. Destination Hope, Separation provides a faithful and comfortable way to learn about the feelings of people from both sides in this war. Everyone thought that they were doing what needed to be done to protect their way of life, and since our view is normally very one-sided, I found this quite enlightening. My only negative comment is that the ending leaves you hanging—I need the next book in the series.”

Dean, Colorado


“An incredible start to an amazing journey! Separation is excellent, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next one. I am recommending it to everyone I know whether they are history buffs or not.”

Todd, Wisconsin


“Charles Patricoff is a devout man of prayer, honest, trustworthy, and filled with integrity—a searcher of truth, no matter where the facts take him. He is well-informed on current affairs and a true patriot, knowledgeable of the Constitution and American History. And he is authentic (his words and actions align with his beliefs).”

Sharon, Colorado


“Charles Patricoff adds realism to his characters that make me get personally attached and leave me with the desire to read the entire saga so I can see how everyone will evolve. His extensive research of the time period is impressive: from the dresses worn by the female characters to the weaponry used during the war. I can visualize most of the scenery he projects and even feel the cold bitter weather he describes. I recommend his books to anyone who has even a slight interest in the Civil War.”

Patrisa, Colorado


“Charles Patricoff’s novel Separation takes the reader back in time to the Civil War. Patricoff’s ingenious use of a confederate chaplain as the main character gives the most unique twist of opinions concerning the war than I have ever thought of before. The battles and the struggles are written so realistically that I felt as if I was watching a movie instead of reading a novel. Brilliantly done. I would recommend this book to any history buff, and as a home-school parent, I would encourage other homeschoolers to use this as part of their history curriculum for its accuracy and point of view.”

Anne, Nebraska


“Charles is an American patriot and an historian with a passion for the Civil War. He has a unique ability to transport the reader into the everyday life of those who fought for our freedom—giving the reader the ability to interact with the characters and their struggles as they make decisions based on their personal values. And all the while readers walk away with a greater understanding of the Civil War from an historical perspective.”

Joyce, Colorado