Show Me a Sign

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All he wanted was to share a pizza with the coolest girl he’d ever met.

Then his almost-girlfriend was kidnapped.


Seventeen-year-old Nathan Boliva is under investigation by the FBI for a kidnapping he didn’t commit. Deaf and beautiful Haylie Summers agreed to go on a date with him, then disappeared the day before. When the Feds discover a text was sent from Nathan’s cell phone, asking Haylie to meet him behind her garage, Nathan becomes a prime suspect.

Tied and blindfolded, Haylie struggles to grasp Nathan’s role in her captivity. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would kidnap her. Then again, if he didn't, who is holding her hostage, and why? 


Desperate to solve the crime and rescue Haylie, Nathan and his best friend, Alec, set out at midnight to gather intel…and end up with far more than they bargained for.


An action-packed plunge into intrigue and danger


“A twisty mystery with an unexpected villain and a feisty deaf heroine.”

Penny Blubaugh, Author of Blood and Flowers


“Love and friendship break the sound barrier in this suspenseful, fast-paced story.”

Joann Kort, Deaf Educator


“A well-crafted romantic thriller.”

Amy Alessio, teen librarian, reviewer for The Book Report, author of the Alana O’Neill Mysteries


“Guys will identify with Nathan and Alec; girls will be drawn to Haylie for her guts and smarts. Plenty of action will keep everyone flipping pages to the end.”

Max Elliot Anderson, author of middle-grade action-adventures and mysteries