Such Deliverance As This

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Five women.

Desperate situations.

Unexpected answers.


In the tumultuous time of Ezra and the Persian Empire, five women are caught in a clash between culture and faith.

The young widow Hadassah escapes remarriage and life in King Artaxerxes’ harem. Jarah’s scheme to return and worship at the temple fails until a godly Levite offers to end her spinsterhood. Naama’s husband chooses to claim his family’s land in Judah, but she pines for her life in Susa. Although Naama possesses a gift the other two women long for, the three bond and support each other on the rigorous journey, unaware that a vindictive Persian trails them, intent on their destruction. In Judah, two Ammonite women married to Jews await their first babies. Tova has embraced Adonai, but Judith dabbles with the worship of Moloch.

Shortly after Ezra’s band arrives in Jerusalem, the startling revelation that Jews have intermarried with pagan women is followed by a shocking decision—heathen wives must be divorced. As family ties are severed, Tova, Judith, and Naama are at great risk.


Set against the backdrop

of two thousand Jews’ release from the Diaspora.

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