He’s sailing into deadly waters…


Archie Douglas is out for a sea trial with his 14-foot boat, Mira Flores, in Santa Monica Bay when a four-year-old falls overboard from a passing speedboat. Immediately Archie’s skills and his boat’s seaworthiness are put to the test as he races to fish Shanti Jackson from the bay. After delivering her to a hospital, Archie is unable to get the little girl and her troubled mother out of his mind.

When he steps boldly into their lives, he’s swept into the seamy, perilous world of drug dealers, porn hustlers, gamblers, and kidnappers. Archie must not only find a way to rescue Shanti and her mom, but also to deal with the secret pain that shadows everything he does.

“Rick Campbell takes the reader on a high-speed ride with colorful characters, a page-turning plot, and a strong message of redemption.”

James Watkins, author, speaker


“I absolutely recommend Sylmar to anyone on a spiritual journey. Sylmar takes faith beyond bumper-sticker answers right into the mess where Christian values meet the world.”

Pastor Grant Fishbook, Christ the King Church


“I couldn’t put it down. It’s a good read about real people. I’m putting a copy in the church library.”

Dave Cline, Retired Reformed Minister

Sylmar is first-rate suspense. The characters are real, true to life. A successful confrontation of Christian values with today’s social issues.”

Pastor Deni Starbuck, Christ the King Church

“You know all along there’s going to be an earthquake, but you don’t find out until the last pages how it affects this story. Sylmar is a lot of fun!”

Liz Chace, Biblical Studies Student