The Family Matter

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They look like the perfect family.

But a secret from her past is tearing them apart.


Randy, a pastor who is passionate about encouraging his congregation to strive for greater godly commitment in their lives, always has ideas about the next ministry. Now he’s convinced that their church should kick off a community project to assist the homeless in South Florida.


Laurie—pastor’s wife, mom of two teenagers, and a late-in-life college student—is doing her best to juggle all of her formidable tasks and looking forward to completing her degree in the next year so she can spend more time with her family. But this latest “big idea” of her husband’s is about to push her over the edge…especially since she has such an aversion to Stephanie, the homeless woman, and all her homeless friends.


Neither Randy nor Laurie have any idea that Stephanie has been sent not only to touch the hearts of those in his church, but to save his own family from destruction.



A fascinating, well-written read that poignantly describes homelessness while prescribing a powerful, individually based cure that has the potential to profoundly change both the reader and their community.

Laura Hansen, C.E.O., Coalition to End Homelessness


An enlightening, powerful tale about serving those less fortunate