The Journey Begun

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"When you run away from God, you break things and hurt people." The prophet's own words bent him to the ground.

Six years ago, Jonah ben Amittai delivered a message of hope and redemption to his beloved homeland of Isarel. Now he's called to the hardest task of all: to bring a message of repentance and hope to Nineveh, a city in the land of Israel's archenemy, Assyria.

Horrified by memories of brutal warfare in his youth, repulsed by his hatred of all things Assyrian, and spurred on by dark forces who have no intention of letting Adonai's prophet onto their turf, Jonah flees to the seaport of Joppa. But can he flee the memories of betrayed loyalty, broken friendships, and shattered family relationships? Can he escape the all-seeing eye of Adonai?