The Last of the Descendants

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A secret Order.

A masked stranger.

Four thousand years’ worth of descendants.

And he’s the last.




Richard Bell looks in his rearview mirror. The vehicle chasing him on the one-lane dark road is quickly gaining. He pushes the gas pedal to its limit, glances at the speedometer, and notices the needle pass 100.

Wesley Howard, a first-year seminary student in Washington, D.C., awakes to the jiggle of the doorknob in his campus apartment. Someone slips a note under the door: They’re watching you Wesley.

Professor Martin Howard is awakened by a strange phone call from his son, Wesley. “You’re all I have left,” he says to the picture of him and Wesley posing together. “They can’t take you from me. I don’t know how they found us, but I will give my life to protect you.”


March 1965, Dominican Republic

A dog barks once, twice, outside the home of Manuel and Sonya Vega. Then there is silence. Manuel scoops up their son, Luis. Their perfect life has come to an end. Now it’s all about survival.


An action-packed tale of suspense and fantasy