The List

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Everyone thinks “The List”—the President’s black book—

is a myth. Only two men know the truth.

Now one of them is dead.

On a clear September night, Air Force 2 suddenly falls out of the sky, killing the Vice-President, Chief of Staff, and everyone else on the plane. The American President is desperate. The List—the comprehensive list of favors given and owed at the highest level of U.S. government since the 1970s—is missing. It could be disastrous for the entire nation and a host of foreign superpowers if that List falls into the wrong hands.

With the knowledge that The List exists, the deadly race is on, and all the searchers are willing to kill for it. Top Secret Service Agent Wayne Mitchell must locate The List before anyone else does…and protect the family who might have it.

The Secret Service: Agent Wayne Mitchell Series
Book Two

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