I, Ben Anthony, had the enviable privilege of lost people seeking me out,

and here I was, turning them down because I was too busy being a good Christian.




My soul-wrenching questions were to send me on a journey of discovery—a global trek that would take me well away from the comfort of familiar patterns and habits and into a form of church I had scarcely heard of….


It’s easy to dream. It’s motivating to contemplate new avenues for faith and obedience to God. But it’s the turning that’s the hardest part.



An important piece of work.

Parker J. Palmer, Educator, author, Let Your Life Speak


So fresh…and timely…unlike anything currently being published.

Richard Herkes, CEO Kingsway (UK partner, David C. Cook)


A gripping and fascinating book. A great read.

Tony & Felicity Dale, Senior Editors, House2House Magazine


A wonderful story.

Randall Neighbour, Director, Touch Ministries

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