The Reluctant Chameleon

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“Brew, you’ve got to help me…I need your—”

There was a sound that might have been a gunshot.

The phone went dead….



Bruce Conwell, a prominent pastor, has a secret side that his parishioners don’t know about. Occasionally, he reluctantly carries out unofficial assignments for the CIA. His close buddy from combat in Vietnam, Chip MacIntosh (now a wealthy businessman) is often involved in the secret missions, bringing three decades of friendship, high-tech ability, and his corporate jet.

The CIA connection, Nancy Springs, first met Bruce and Chip on a beach in Japan when the soldiers were on R&R from ’Nam. She has maintained contact with Bruce because his off-the-record counseling throughout the years has helped her climb the agency ladder. Furthermore, she believes God helps Bruce accomplish things normal agents can't handle and gives Bruce a cloak of providential protection.

Jeanie, Bruce’s wife, wonders why people from his Vietnam Days seem to pop up in his life so often. She’s aware of his involvement with the CIA…but has no idea of the dangers he constantly faces….