Under the Golden Mists

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“Help me!” the voice sobs.

It’s only a dream, Lacht tells herself.

But what if it isn’t?


Under the golden mists of Wasso Lake live the Wassandra, though none of their Stalli neighbors have seen them for over a hundred years. The underwater people have abnormally long arms and fingers—at least that’s what Stalli guide, Crispin, tells Lacht and her family as they travel to their new home on the shores of the lake. Lacht is intrigued, especially when the Wassandra ask for help to find a missing child. Then dreams of the frightened girl begin troubling her.

When they arrive at the golden lake, Lacht thinks it’s the most beautiful place she’s ever seen—until a bizarre discovery terrifies her and the dreams intensify. “Help me!” cries the Wassandra girl in one last dream, but can Lacht find the courage to face the horrifying vision she sees in that dream?

Tarth series, Book Two
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